How to install

Installation guide

To install netZoo{Py, M, C}, all you have to do is git clone{Py,M,C}.git then to get the latest changes in your repository you need to git pull origin master.

You can work on the devel branch by git checkout devel. To update the devel branch type git pull origin devel.

In Python, an additional step is required to install netZooPy through pip3 install -e . in the either the root of devel or master branch and after each change to the source code.

In R, the installation does not require git clone, the devtools library allow to install netZooR directly from github and from either devel or master.

Please refer to the specific installation guide for each package for more details.

Quick developer guide

If you are a developer, you will need to clone to your own fork to be able to create pull requests to netZoo. Please refer to the contribution guide.

Make sure to have the latest changes in your local repo through git fetch upstream then git merge upstream/master.

To update the devel branch git checkout devel and git fetch upstream and git merge upstream/devel.

Make sure to update your repository before creating a pull request or creating an issue.