How to contribute to netbooks

Contribution guide

netbooks is a Jupyter notebook tutorial server that hosts several uses case of the Network Zoo tools.

Preparing the contribution

Please prepare your tutorial as an Python/R Jupyter notebook.

Make sure to:

  • Avoid saving files on disk

  • Avoid making systems calls to create folders or call other programs such as os.system( someBashCommand )

  • Include substantial documentation of the code and illustrate the use cases with biological/theoretical motivation in the introduction and main takeaway in the conclusion

  • Always include the package loading call in the beginning of each tutorial and the references at the end

  • Avoid setting working directories using setwd()/os.chdir() and instead refer to files by their relative paths

Minimum standards

Each new contribution should include:

  • An introduction that describes the problem at a higher level

  • Description of input data files and providing links to their original sources

  • Descriptipon of the results and how to interpret them.

Submit the contribution

Please open a new pull request at the netbooks GitHub repo and push the .ipynb file.

Then, the server will fetch the new changes periodically and the tutorial will be displayed in the server.